Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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1.Question: What a hell: the link does not work?
Answer: Try it out later - the problem may be caused by the server. Try to retypr the adress in your browser.
2.Question: What do I do to put my own video on this site?
Answer: mail me a description of Your video and it's the directions how do I download it. Then I'm gonna check it out and put on the site.
3.Question: I would like to change links with Your site, what do I do?
Answer: Contact me on e-mail so we'd arrange all the details.
4.Question: I would like to place my advertisement on Your site. How do i do it?
Answer: Contact me on e-mail so we'd arrange all the details.
5.Question: What do I do if I'm not able to get access some page?
Answer: In the case if in some reason You can't access to some page please try to apply to this page later. If it doesn't work as well try to retype it's adress in the browser. The other possible reason could be that this page does not exsist and I did not put the 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' sign. In that case please report the broken link.
6.Question: What do i do if  I can not download the video or the audio track with my downloading manager?
Answer: Try right-click and the "Save Target As" function.
7.Question: What do I do if I find a broken link to some media file?
Answer: Please be sure to report the broken link so I could fix it for You.

AND14EVA does not sell any videos so please do not ask us if we do. We are releasing our own streetball mixtape this autumn. You all would get a chance to download it rather get your own copy on the video CD. Please log in for the details later.
Интернет-магазин баскетбольного видео

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AND14EVA is always looking forward for the incoraporation with the other basketball websites and with people who are willing to become a part of this website's stuff.
If you are interested in incorporating with us rather working together contact the administrator on e-mail rather post all your suggestions in forum or leave the post in the guestbook.
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