AND1 History and the History of the Mixtape Tours
by and1masta a.k.a. newmove
The Mix Tape series and the tour it spawned are the result of a collection of random events that, taken separately, wouldn't have amounted to much-and almost didn't. But accidents happen, and those that produce positive results are given the gloss of serendipity. Thank God for it.
The origin of the AND 1 Mix Tape collection came in the guise of a lowly videotape given to AND 1 in late 1998 by Ron Naclerio, the coach of New York's Cardoza High School team who spent his summers coaching AAU kids, including Rafer Alston, whom AND 1 would soon sign-the first basketball shoe endorser to get a deal without a contract from the NBA. The tape was home-video quality-jerky camera moves, poor resolution and nearly indecipherable audio-showing young Alston on the playgrounds and hardwood in and around New York doing, among a host of insane moves, his own signature move from which he earned his nickname "Skip to My Lou."
So AND1 company decided to create a mix of all those moments and give this tape to all those who bought AND1 shoes in their stores. Just for raising their rates a litlle. But it happened out that those tapes became some king of a streetbsll Bible for all those street players and the amount of moves and funky-moves players began to raise. The next year AND1 company is issuing the mixtape volume 2 and volume 2 remix. These tapes had a better video qaulity and there were some new players but no Rafer Alston among them. Summer 1999 brought a mixtape volume 3 to tha world. This tape introdused HotSauce, the man that reinvented the street basketball.
Mixtape volume 4 was the first mixtape ever to bring AND1 love to the four cities: LA, Chicago, Atlanta and D.C. That was the beginning of the Mixtape Tour History. AND1 team moved from citie to citie to show their game for the people. But something still was wrong... Nobody could tell what it was but something was missing...
Summer of the year 2001 brought a new Mixtape Tour for the world. More new players, a ot of new moves, more cities to visit, and the main event of the summer - The Comeback. Rafer Alston a.k.a. Skip To My Lou was with the team to bring on his master style. That was the part that was missing in all the previous mixtapes! Skip was always the part of AND1 team 'cause he was the man to envent all those funky moves that made AND1 brand famous worldwide and AND1 players as popular as NBA ones.
Then the mixtape volume 6 came out. It was more like a big basketball show that include everything: a lot of cities to visit, new players to ball, new moves to pop up, another attitude, videos of players on and off the court, JUST EVERYTHING. From this moment AND1 Mixtape Tour became some kind of a new brand, kind of a new reinvented AND1 mixtapes from the old times. Of course You can see much same in all those volumes 2,3,4 and volume 6 but there were much more differences between those.
And finally the summer of the year 2003... The mixtape Tour is still running those guys to death. This year made anew point about the AND1 Tour: those guys are going to Europe this autumn... They are running, dunking and moving AND1 streetball to some new unbelievable level that nobody could imagine in the year of 1998 when tapes of Skip's scrimmages were given to AND1 company by the man who's name was  Ron Naclerio... Please DO NOT FORGET THAT  NAME! Just think of what could happen (or could NOT happen) if that man did not give those tapes to AND1 officials... Just think about it and cry out with me: GOD BLESS RAFER ALSTON, GOD BLESS RON NACLERIO AND GOD BLESS AND1!!!
Remember and do not forget! Remember and do not forget... Remember... do not forget...
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