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Jamaal "Mel Mel The Abuser" Tinsley
Omar "Don't Make Me" Cook
Michael "MJ" "HisAirness" "AirMike" Jordan
Julius "DR. J" Erving
Allen "The Answer" Iverson        
Earl "The Goat" Manigault
Nate "Tiny" Archibald
Tyron "Muggsy" Bogues
David "Admiral" Robinson
LeBron "King" James
Gary "The Glove" Payton
Glen "Dog" Robinson
Ervin "Magic" Johnson
DeJuan "Juanny" Wagner
Jason "WhiteChocolate" Williams
Kobe "PlasticMan" "TheShowgoat" Bryant
James "WhiteTheFlight" White
Karl "Mailman" Malone
Jerry "Stack" Stackhouse
Steve "Franchise" Francis  
Latrel "Spree" "American dream" Sprewell
Vince "AirCanada" Carter
Kevin "TheKid" "Big Ticket" Garnett  
Earl "ThePerl" Monroe
Sebastian "Bessy" Telfair
Stanislav "Cocksucker" Medvedenko
Carmelo "Melo" Anthony
Scottie "Pip" Pippen
Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen
Michael "Candyman" Olowokandi
Ben "Big Ben" Wallace
Rasheed "Sheed" Wallace
Richard "Rip" Hamilton
Mahmed "Memo" Okur
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