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Rucker Park, located in New York City, was host to the original Rucker Tournament and the Rucker Pro League. It has hosted the Entertainer's Basketball Classic (EBC) since the 80's, and now also hosts the new Rucker League.
Rucker Park is the home of the best streetball around. Past and present. Wilt. Kareem. Erving. Monroe. The Destroyer. Pee-Wee. The Goat. Iverson. Marbury. Brand. Artest. Tinsley. Chances are, if you've heard a legendary story about streetball battles, it went down at Rucker Park.
Rucker Past: The Rucker Heritage (...Since 1946)
It started in 1946 with one man and his vision; from that vision, thousands have gotten to touch a dream.
Holcombe Rucker Memorial Park at 155th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard in Harlem is named for that man, who developed the Holcombe Rucker Professional Tournament 19 years before his untimely death in 1965. Site of the tournament, the park has been called "a certified hoops holy land" by Slam Magazine, which reported, "Of the millions of asphalt courts across America, only one has consistently produced a half-century worth of legends."
Rucker's Playground, "Where it all started."

Rucker Park is in Harlem. In case you're from out of town, Harlem is in north Manhattan. But New Yorkers don't say "north Manhattan," we say "Harlem."
Take the B train to the 155th street station and you'll be one block from the park. The B stops there at all hours. The D train stops at this stop late in the evening.
Although you can also take the 1/9 train, we strongly recommend that you use the B/D stop.
If for some reason you take the 1 or 9 train to 157th street, what sounds like a simple walk to the park is complicated by a highway, and takes about 10 minutes. You get off at 157th street and walk south, and when you reach 155th street, make a left and walk on it. You'll probably pass a gas station. Walk a few blocks on 155th street until you get to a bridge. Walk directly to the corner where the bridge starts, but instead of walking crossing it, walk left. You are now walking on the right side of the road, down a hill that curls to the right. It takes about two minutes to get the bottom, where you make a right and walk along a broken sidewalk with bushes right around you, a highway to your left and a high wall and fence to your right. Keep walking for a minute or two, and you'll be on a regular street. A block or two later, the park will be on your left.
Again, it's much easier to take the B to 155th.
The park location is 155th street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard.

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