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MJ press conferences
Feels like he's losing something Not that upset career's over Jordan was asked if he's been contacted by other teams about
joining them in the postseason
Jordan says he's not leaving the game by retiring as a player Jordan says the long standing ovation when he left the game was nice Jordan says he learned a lot about contemporary players from his
last two years with Washington
Jordan was asked what he feels the younger members of the team
earned from him
Jordan says he has mixed feelings about his final home game He is focusing only on the team's future
He was always be around the NBA Proud of the way things have gone for him Jordan says there was no way to stop Kobe Bryant in the first
half. (refers to Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal who scored 26 points
with 13 rebounds)
Jordan says the Wizards got things going late in the third quarter
and controlled the tempo from there
Jordan says he gave it all he had late in the game. (refers to
Houston's Joaquin Hawkins)
Jordan says he was running on fumes by the time the game got to overtime
Jordan says he thought he had a good look when he put up a missed
shot just before the fourth-quarter buzzer
Can't believe he's first 40-year-old to score 40 or more Doesn't feel like a 40-year-old
Wanted to set an example for his team Michael Jordan talks about his near game-winner Jordan on decision to accept Vince Carter's offer
Jordan says it was a great finish Appreciates the ovation he got from the fans Relieved this is finally all over with
Unfortunately the loss is what he'll remember from this game Jordan says he was in top form against the Celtics. (Jordan scored
8 points, with 4 rebounds and 3 assists in the third quarter)
Jordan says the Wizards made too many mistakes
Jordan says he did not have as much support from his teammates as
Scottie Pippen got from the other Trail Blazers
Jordan says the Wizards made too many mistakes Jordan says he did not have as much support from his teammates as
Scottie Pippen got from the other Trail Blazers
Jordan says the Wizards' slow start doomed them to defeat Game was important to Stackhouse Good to get this win for Stackhouse
Jordan says he didn't do his job on the Wizards final possession.
(trailing by one, Jordan drove toward the bucket but had his pass to
Bryon Russell stolen with five seconds left)
Jordan says the Wizards lost their spark in the second half Jordan says the Wizards will recover from their five-game losing streak
Jordan says the Wizards were unable to get over the hump in the
fourth quarter against the Pacers. (The Wizards trailed by 19 points
in the third quarter before getting within one point in the fourth quarter)
Big win over Karl Malone and the Jazz Great team effort down the stretch
Wizards could not complete 4th quarter comeback Jordan tries to make things happen Jordan says he hopes the Wizards can build on this victory
Wizards were clicking on all cylinders Jordan says he and Jerry Stackhouse worked well together.
(Stackhouse had a game-high 22 points)
On how it got to that game-winning situation
Takes great pride in hitting clutch shots Bryant and McGrady were incredible On his missed dunk
On the win over the Hawks Didn't play up to their capability Bucks are a better team than they are
30,000 points Big motivational game for both teams On how Artest guarded him
Everything was going his way against the Hornets Felt he was in rhythm Enjoys playing at Madison Square Garden
Team impressed him with their performance Team is showing character during this win streak Richard Hamilton keeps getting better and better
Team has to continue to play well Wizards are playing inconsistent basketball at the moment Wizards came to play in Philly
Hopes Wizards can get it going on the road Rest of the team needs to shoot the ball better Wizards ran out of gas in the 4th quarter
On not touching the ball for much of the 2nd quarter The 2nd quarter was a killer for the Wizards Wizards are struggling
NBA Press Conferences for Downloading
MJ post game comments Kobe about challenging NBA sytem
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