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Prior to Jumping Exercises Stretching: 15 - 20 minutes, Skipping: 2 laps, Side shuffle: 2 laps Exercise Rep/time
Phase I: Technique (Week 1, Week 2)

1. Wall jumps 20 sec 25 sec
2. Tuck jumps * 20 sec 25 sec
3. Broad jumps stick land 5 reps 10 reps
4. Squat jumps* 10 sec 15 sec
5. Double leg cone jumps* 30 sec/30 sec 30 sec/30 sec (side to side and back to front)
6. 180 jumps 20 sec 25 sec
7. Bounding in place 20 sec 25 sec
Phase II: Fundamentals (Week 3, Week 4)

1. wall jumps 30 sec 30 sec
2. tuck jumps* 30 sec 30 sec
3. jump, jump, jump, vert jump 5 reps 8 reps
4. squat jumps* 20 sec 20 sec
5. bounding for distance 1 run 2 runs
6. double leg cone jumps* 30 sec/30 sec 30
sec/30 sec (side to side and back to front) 7. scissor jump 30 sec 30 sec
8. hop, hop, stick* 5 reps/leg 5 reps/leg
Phase III: Performance (Week 5, Week 6)

1. wall jumps 30 sec 30 sec
2. step, jump up, down, vertical 5 reps 10 reps
3. mattress jumps 30 sec/30 sec 30 sec/30 sec (side to side and back to front)
4. single leg jumps distance* 5 reps/leg 5 reps/leg
5. squat jumps* 25 sec 25 sec
6. jump into bounding* 3 runs 4 runs
7. single leg hop, hop stick 5 reps/leg 5 reps/leg
Post-training: Cool down walk: 2 minutes, Stretching: 5 minutes
* These jumps performed on mats. Note: Each jump exercise was followed by 30 second rest period. Table 2.
Glossary of Jump Training Exercises:

1. 180 Jumps: Two-footed jump. Rotate 180 in mid-air. Hold landing for two seconds and then repeat in reverse direction.
2. Bounding For Distance: Start bounding in place and slowly increase distance with each step, keeping knees high.
3. Bounding in Place: Jump from one leg to the other straight up and down, progressively increasing rhythm and height.
4. Broad Jumps- Stick (hold) Landing: Two-footed jump as far as possible. Hold landing for 5 seconds.
5. Cone Jumps: Double leg jump with feet together. Jump side to side over cones quickly. Repeat forward and backward.
6. Hop, Hop Stick: Single Leg hop. Stick second landing for 5 seconds. Increase distance of hop as technique improves.
7. Jump into Bounding*: Two-footed broad jump. Land on single leg, then progress into bounding for distance.
8. Jump, jump, jump, vertical: Three broad jumps with vertical jump immediately after landing the third broad jump.
9. Mattress jumps: Two-footed jump on mattress, tramp, or other easily-compressed device. Perform side to side and back to front.
10. Scissors Jump: Start in stride position with one foot well in front of other. Jump up, alternating foot positions in mid-air.
11. Single leg jumps distance*: One-legged hop for distance. Hold landing (knees bent) for five seconds.
12. Squat Jumps*: Standing jump raising both arms overhead, land in squatting position touching both hands to floor.
13. Step, jump up, down, vertical: Two-footed jump onto 6 to 8 inch step. Jump off step with two feet, then vertical jump.
14. Tuck Jumps: From standing position jump and bring both knees up to chest as high as possible. Repeat quickly.
15. Wall Jumps (Ankle Bounces): with knees slightly bent and arms raised overhead, bounce up and down off toes.
* These jumps performed on mats.
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