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Quickness is the key to success in basketball. Here is a drill that not just makes your crossover look better but it will give you the ability to drive in faster.
1. Stress of all kind you know.
2. Grab one of these weights has to be 10 ponds or more not less. 
3. Only one weight looks like this 
4. Now pretend you are dribbling like a ball but move around the weight and use all kind of drills like under your legs, crossovers, and moves by any balers like And1 or Nba.
5. After you are tired then you will notice when you dribble the ball you will feel light.
6. So doing these drills 2 times a day will help you became a faster dribbler.
7. So next level hoops.
8. Instead of one grab 2 weights.
9. Jump low about 5 to 7 inches (50 times)
10. After you done that. Jump highest you can in the air with weights (29 times)
11. (Now you need ankle weights) sit on the chair wear both ankle weights on each leg and lift your leg up while sitting on chair (do this 30 times each leg).
12. Know here comes the last and the hardest part. Grab weights on each hand and put ankle weight on your both legs.
13. Jog ? mile then rest 2 to 5 minutes, know try jogging little faster and keep increasing your speed.
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AND1 moves

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